segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013

It Finally Dawned On Me!

The True Story of Neide Colson

         Each day that I live I realize that I know very little about anything. I definitely know very little about my own life. I know very, very little about God and for sure, I know very, very, very little about what He wants for my life, although I seek Him very earnestly.

         This week I decided to share with you some good revelations that God gave me back in January. After a month we had been back in the States.

         To make reading a little easier, I will divide the story in a few chapters. Hopefully these will appeal to your reading style and won’t bore you to death.

Chapter 1: Our Married Life

         We got married in 1991 and moved to Green Bay, WI. We had a very good life. Our 2 children were born there. Bruce’s 3 daughters got married and 7 grandchildren were born during that time. God operated much healing during the first 16 years of our marriage. And, I would like to point out that one of my most important healing times happened when my father passed away, in September of 2006. God brought a lot of release from bondage and freedom to my soul.

         In 2007 we moved back to Brasilia, Brazil. Both Bruce and I thought that it would be a piece-of-cake to transition and readapt into Brasilia and Brazilian lifestyle. Much to our surprise, it wasn’t that easy. We moved from little calm Green Bay to mega, busy, way-too-many-cars Brasilia. Traffic was one of our biggest shocks.

         Our housing situation led us to face a building project that we never had desired to do so. We started using the money that we had from the sale of our house in the States into buying the land, making the project, and starting to build the house. We knew, from the start, that we would not have all the money necessary to build the entire house, as prices in Brasilia would increase each month. So, we decided to build just enough so we could move into the house and live well without paying rent. After we moved into the house, little by little we used up the rest of our savings (for retirement) and other borrowed money to finish up the house. We never had the money to finish the front wall nor to put cabinets in the house. Also, the 9 months that took us to build the first part of the house were very testing to our marriage. We had never fought so much than during those 9 months. But, we survived and grew a lot and grew stronger in our relationship.